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August 18, 2011



Somehow, I think it is a poke from the universe in a tender kind of way that says" yes! Keep going! You're on the right track!" I also think it is important to note how we feel each time we connect and see that magical 11:11 or 1:11...what were you thinking? How did you feel? My thoughts are usually very similar and my feeling of energy around this positive, so I believe the universe is saying to me" that's it! Keep heading in your chosen direction... You're on you're way!" I see 11:11 more than 1:11 but I see it more now than ever... Sometimes twice or more in a single day... Multiple times a week and no, I'm not "looking" for it... It's just magically there... So yes, my best friend is right, it's cosmic!

lisa plante

My kids and I always make a wish when we see the time with all the same digits. I love it when we just glance at the clock and someone says "Quick, make a wish it's 1:11!" (or 2:22, 3:33, etc). I believe it holds some magic too.

Nisrine M.

Sweet, positive thinking. I never paused to think about it but I bet I will tomorrow at 11:11 :)


Well... I'd go with cosmic "something". Especially since I found your blog in an utter random clicking of friends on friends blogs... on friends blogs. (I was bored this morning)

I started seeing 11:11 and 111 and 1111 around 2000/2001. It slowed down for a bit, but has been back lately. Plus now I keep seeing other doubles like 21:12, 22:22, etc etc.

I'm still trying to figure them out, but I will say my life took a huge LEAP in 2002 so... maybe I'm due to be turbo-boosted again? Hopefullt in a good way and not "fat gal shot out the cannon" LOL

Hope your 1111s bring you good things. :-)

Nice blog! :-)

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