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August 25, 2011



Jeaux! Met a guy in Rockport who was flogging seashells from Sanibel. Bought a "Queens Crown" ring from him. He was featured in Vogue. He reminded me of you.


Oh, Dearest, I'm so pleased that New England's been a good host to you. That means you'll come back again soon - can't wait to show you around my little corner of heaven out here on the very edge of the continent! Safe travels!

Tara Bradford

Looks so beautiful and peaceful! Glad you're having fun. Miss you! xoxox

Sherry Smyth

One of the most beautiful spots in the world!


Gorgeous photos! I hope you weren't caught in the downpour and only experienced sunshine days.

Gillian daSilva

Marilyn, we outran Irene. But were sad to hear that some of Vermonts covered bridges were destroyed. :-(


how beautiful. it sounds like you have found a piece of home there. Did you know we used to live in new england? have you ever been to fall river mass?


So beautiful. Reminds me of a place called Kittery in Maine where we used to go for the best seafood, when we used to live in Providence.


I have not been to many parts of New England...is Maine considered New England?

not sure

but you've captured the sultry beauty.

Penny Stocks

Maine is New England as well.

The wind and the rain on the coast were horrible today but now the rain is gone. Speaking of Maine, its supposed to be one of the best folliage this year due to the summer weather.

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