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June 07, 2011


Sherry Smyth

I'm loving the strawberries right now -- just picked up and eaten as is!!! mmmmmm I've done the lavender route for sleeping which does help...I'm not sure I'm game enough to try the garlic between my toes...but ritual serves a very good purpose! Sweet dreams!

lisa field-elliot

you are such joy.
and i'm totally down for the rituals.xx


Sweetness all around. I'm not a fan of sugar, but I sure do love me a spoon full to help when I have the hiccups. (my old country dad gave me that tip).

Gillian daSilva

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I’m not a fan of
eating sugar only if it is real sugar and used sparingly. I’m the same with
salt.  A little salt on home made French fries is the best!~


Gillian daSilva

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Gillian daSilva

those berries are enormous! makes you wonder where the little "real" berries are. i think I'll take the kids picking to show them what real strawberries look like.
a good rule in fruit or veg is the smaller it is the more flavour it has. that is especially true of zucchini...i look for the long skinny ones to saute in garlic and they are the best. ;)
long reply but it's hot and the heat is affecting brain function! xo


Oh, sweet friend. Strawberry dreams are a perfect description of you. I hope your summer is wonderful just now and continues to be.


That IS one big strawberry! Wow - look at it! I'm not for sticking garlic in between my toes but I certainly like your lavender-eucalyptus essential oil blend idea. A friend of mine has lavender-scented oils throughout her house and it smells sooooo good! Sounds like you are having a good start to the summer, Gillian. :)


Thanks for those wishes. A strawberry moon, I didn't know this. Strawberries will soon be ripe here in Portland and they are the very best. I will celebrate for sure with strawberry dreams.

deb taylor

what a delicious post...THANK YOU!

urban muser

a lovely post. great photo. i may have to put garlic between my toes just because :)......

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