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June 15, 2011


Tara Bradford

Yes, wow (to both photos). Wish I could be there for your creative writing event - sounds like such fun! Hope to catch up w/ you soon! xoxox


"'Cause it's a season to be intoxicated with wisdom, words, wine & spirit."

Sounds like you are diving into the water with joy. Love. love!!


your posts always cheer me up when I need cheering and just make me feel good any ole' time. As for "seeing Morocco with you"...I'm in...once I win the lottery or some money falls from the sky...it's on the bucket list!


I want to take that class!! And I miss you like crazy.


That photo is amazing! Must check out this book. I was just sharing with someone that my camera must go with me everywhere. Hooray for creativity!


I'm off to the library to request that book. Thanks. I love a good book review.

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