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June 24, 2011



I have never heard of chipping off an iceberg to put in the freezer, but now I am curious as to how it must taste in comparison. Wondering minds want to know. I might have to add this to my list of things to find out.

Nice photo!

Sherry Smyth

Well I suppose it is simpler in that the ice is already "frozen", but a boat ride, climbing up on an iceberg and chopping off a chunk? Not for me thanks. I'll stick with simply adding tap water to the tray and sticking it in my freezer. Now, if I had an ice maker on my fridge that would be even "simpler". Besides, all the "crap" in the ocean and salt water...I can't imagine THAT in my drink!!!! blech!!

As far as a simpler life in Nfld...I hope your friend finds that!

Gillian daSilva

Apparently Marilyn the ice is the purest you can taste. No bubbles. Made from the purest glacier water which is fresh obviously and no contaminants. I suppose ice is ice but I love the idea of really pure ice.

Gillian daSilva

That's why my client worries. She is afraid her husband will get hurt going out for the ice.
Funny, I always think of the ocean as the opposite of that...really clean and really pure.


Icebergs are frozen precipitation, chunks of glacier, not frozen sea water. Salt water does not freeze... that is why our roads are salted in winter. So the top of an iceberg should be pretty good. I'd risk it!


There is something about Home that calls us back when we've lived away for years. I know how Jackie is feeling. Hurray for her for making the leap back to The Island. Btw, I was listening to CBC Radio NFLD and Labrador online this past week and caller-ins were telling the hosts about a huge iceberg that is slowly making its way down the coast. Maybe it's THAT iceberg that is calling out to Jackie's husband!


Hi there, I'm from Newfoundland and I know many people who have had the calling to come back here. It is a beautiful place. The icebergs are beautiful to photograph, but I wouldn't want to climb on one! Can you imagine if it rolled! They do that from time to time.

I hope she enjoys her new journey to home.


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