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April 01, 2011


Sherry Smyth

oh it sounds wonderful...I think this is something I would love to do!!

and that colour on your nails? It's awesome!!!!

Gillian daSilva

Sherry you should! You would LOVE this course and I am taking it too. Could you stand me every Thursday for six weeks though? THAT is the question. Ha ha!

Blue Iguana. China Glaze. Sparkly divine blue!! However shortly after this shot was snapped I changed it to "Hot Flash", a sparkly deep red.

Have a good weekend and get in touch with me the usual ways if you want to join us on the meditation thingie. OM. xo

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

This is what I need, and you put it so eloquently, Dear Gillian! Yes, guided is much easier for me, as well. But I'm going to attempt it without, since I live too far for the 6 week course.

I will see you one day this summer!

xo, Graciel


sounds nice and I need healing and meditation, but I commit to things and never complete them. ugh
are you in Canada? I have many bloggy friends in Canada.


Yes you will! We'll meet without jackets or scarves or mitts;
meet without snow pants, bombers and knits!

We'll meet when the sun shines and shines all day through;
We'll lunch and we'll chat and we'll photograph too!

See you this summer. May? June?


I'm in Canada! Just a stone's throw east of Toronto.
I have trouble committing also, but I feel that six weeks is doable.
Too bad you couldn't join us!

YOU live in my favourite town!

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