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April 13, 2011


The Lady Prism

ʚįɞ •*¨`*•ʚįɞ✿ღ•*¨`*•.•*¨`*•ʚįɞ✿ღ•*¨`*•

Very beautiful writing.
I've been feeling the same way lately and this has lifted me up.





Yes, that is the coolest thing for sure. I tell myself the same things from time to time and must remember to toast myself with tea each day. Love, love your Persian tea glass. That was one thing I wanted to buy when traveling to Jordan. Someday, maybe.

Gillian daSilva

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Marilyn Tara is still
going to Jordan!
You can sign up for the next one..! I’m going again too.  Sans hubby next time
I think. J It would be so
great to have you along!



No coincidences. I have found letter's, old clipped newspaper articles,dated the very same day I found it (different year)MORE THAN ONCE!
Here is to the beautiful person you have always been.
clink clink


I love how the universe sometimes shakes her head when we are not paying attention to our beautiful selves and proceeds to drop a message right into our hands because Hello! You are amazing!


Awww...your mom loves you, Gillian. :) Boy did I need to read this post tonight. Thank you.


cheers to you. and your sweet giving soul :)
I celebrated myself today, very proud of myself for something, FINALLY!!

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