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March 24, 2011



Office supplies = Possibilities....

I wish I was there to taste those treats! Yum.

I need to ask...Perhaps through a vision board; this weekends project?

Have a wonderful weekend Gillian.


Yes, asking we do receive. I found I had to be careful what I asked for some years back. Clean and fresh smells are delightful! I hope to do some of that tomorrow.


Yes, what IS it about office supplies? Maybe they are reminiscent of 1st grade art class, or something. But they are fun.


Apple crisps + office supplies = crazy yummy fun!

Sherry Smyth

Sorting...this has been my mantra for a few weeks. I feel weighted down and bogged under because of so much "stuff" -- sorting through it all and restoring some order will go a long way towards the balance that I am craving.

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