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March 09, 2011



That iris is gorgeous. I can just imagine all around the spa. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. A pinata full of candy would be my kind of birthday gift.


that iris is gorgeous!
and i loved reading your words~ always i do.
happy birthday to that lovely girl!!



I know she will have a wonderful birthday with her beautiful Mom!!! Love irises and tea but the Turkish blood in me needs that coffee.


Hey, I've been dreaming of irises, too, and look! You bought some! Lucky you, Gillian. That was a great interview. It's interesting to read where your love for photography came from and where it has taken you. I'm curious, how and when did you decide to start a spa?

PS: You look so cute in that portrait!


the dreaded coffee? sitting here at seven in the morning, the dreaded one is welcome with open arms. i am, however, an afternoon tea person. love the purple.


Good morning Margie! Ew dreaded for me. Coffee is too much for me these days, too rich, too stimulating and it just ends up making me feel worse. I get it though, so many people love it to help them wake up. It's powerful stuff. I live Cuban coffee. I make an exception for their wonderful coffee, made with half hot milk. Enjoy the day....! Here it is snowing as I wait for my tea :-)


I've wanted to have a spa since I was a little girl. To me back then though it was a "beauty parlour". :-)
But when I was expecting Bronwyn, I wanted to be my own boss so I could be avaiable fir my kids. So when she was six months after licensing to beck e an Esthetician and taking business courses, I opened up my place and have just grown it slowly from that point on. It was in those early days before we had a lot of clients that we discovered blogging!
Have a great day Susanna xo


Sorry for typos...I'm on my phone!!! It has a mind of its own some days.


Your pretty in pink princess will purely enjoy her purple passion-ate party...

I'm sure


Tara Bradford

Happy birthday to the gorgeous girl! The irises remind me of Jordan...black iris was the late King Hussein's fave flower. xoxox


B is 6? She is precious as can be.
Sending her love letters from my heart.
Hope her birthday was everything she wanted.

A Fanciful Twist

First of all, happy happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!! Can't wait to hear more about the pinata!

2ndly, I gave up coffee over a month ago for health reasons. I had started drinking it 4 years ago, as Mister drinks a ton of it... and I started getting itchy patches here and there. Mostly on my face!! Of course, that freaked me out... and i have severe allergies to lots of things. So, I plum got off it, and it is working.. seems I am allergic to caffeine...

I don't know why I ever picked it up. I enjoyed it enough, but... I am glad I quit. Before I became a coffee drinker eve a sip would make me nauseous. But, nice herbal tea, yummmmms!!!

Love you Gillybean!!


I would love to try that tea and I love that you tried to work all of your thoughts into your title :) xo


ps: lovin on your header. you must share who created this... you maybe??

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