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March 20, 2011



Your sunday sounds like a wonderful way to kick off the first day of spring. Enjoy yourself!

Account Deleted

did my mom
call you up & say to post this--->
"Listen a hundred times; ponder a thousand times; speak once."

i think maybe she did!


i work so hard to learn this myself!

listen, missy,
i would LOVE an angel card reading!!!!

LOVE it!!

{{ me?
i am on my way
out into my garden
to plant more
somepinkflowers ! }}


Have fun with the girls today..!

Sherry Smyth

You are full of energy and possibility -- it is absolutely jumping off the page!!

Angel card reading?? What is this -- I'm curious and interested!!

Happy first day of spring...enjoy every moment of your day!


What an inspiring post! You make me want to have an adventure today. But first, a nap, because I love a nap on a beautiful spring afternoon, and because I'm doing battle with a nasty cold.

I would love an angel card reading! An angel reading from an angel--how perfect!

xoxo g

Gillian daSilva

okay will email all of you separately...for privacy's sake
annd got tons of lovely photos while out walking by the lake today...two best friends joined me and we fed chickadees out of our hands...well I didn't because I was taking their photos but they did. i found GREEN too and that makes me even happier about tomorrow being the first day of spring!
watch your dreams tonight readers....they will be frought with cosmic visitations, karmic goodness & maybe some spiritual guidance too :) equinox's rock!


I try to get out everyday, even just to the grocery store. And now that the weather is getting better, I hope to get out more. i am stuck at home now writing a paper and doing art homework. Have a great week friend!


Angel card readings? What is that? I'm game to try it.

Love all that you accomplished. It sounds like you had a fun day doing lots of things to please just YOU. Now that is my idea of a good day.

Gillian daSilva

I shall send you an angel reading. Watch your email Annie.


Gillian, Happy Spring!
I would like a card reading too ...but these things make me nervous so only write if it is positive:)I'm a wimp.


There isn't anything BUT positive with these. They aren't predictors of bad things. They are guidance aimed at your NOW. It is only helping you through what you already know. I'll send it to you privately. Not to worry.

My Courageous Life

I want a reading please.

Gillian daSilva

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Ok! I’ll send it to
your email later.


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