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March 14, 2011



Sometimes we do just have to breathe and be aware. Thanks for your loving words.

Sherry Smyth

You have the ability connect on many levels in many facets. Your awareness of self and surroundings and your words here have left me feeling inspired myself. xo


yes~ and yes~ and yes~


When I think of Japan I remember these are the people who survived 2 nuclear bombs. They were changed by that and they will be changed by this too. They are a resiliant group of people and they will emerge from this tragedy stronger. I know it will be hard and I can not even imagine going through something like this but I know in my heart they will be ok.


This is a thoughtful post, Gillian. Yes, my thoughts - everyone's thoughts - have been on Japan. A terrible event like this is a reminder of how connected we are. We don't have to know someone personally to really, truly care that they and everyone that they love are okay.


And yes! to you starting your new garden. There's something healing in planting seeds, creating a garden, isn't there? In a few months, you'll see results and then, I hope you'll share photos with us.

Gillian daSilva

Yes! I shall share. Right now there is a heap of dirt that used to bother me and now I'm used to it or immune to it not sure which.
We need to do the entire yard, front and back. So will blog about that for sure.
Sending you email this week....xo


yes, yes! i am loving on these words. i am filled with hope as your words linger.

bridge to tarabithia- this movies sits beside my heart. love love

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