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March 08, 2011



You know what I love? We are thinking almost the same thing at the same time. My last post was about quiet and yours is about stillness. It just feels right. Deep breaths and find the center . . .

love to you. Think I'll pin some pictures in my closet, too. It will bring me back to decorating my locker in high school, which was a good thing, indeed.

xoxo Gigi

Account Deleted

A lovely post from a lovely lady!
Happy womens day Gill!


i love this. i've been doing a lot of this too, lately. it just feels like the right time. enjoy the stillness amongst the chaos. :)


How do I honour myself?
I'm not sure, I try to make time for myself each day, but that is more from necessity. It keeps me grounded.
Perhaps it is the same thing.
love you


My eye went immediately to that photograph of the beach. Sigh...that looks like heaven! I can see how looking at it would take you to a serene, happy place.

You're absolutely right about needing a space for stillness. I feel like I've been missing that in my own life lately. Maybe I'll pick up a scented candle or two this weekend and have a quiet night in with a sketchbook or a good book. Thanks for the reminder that it's important to honour oneself.

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