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March 21, 2011


My Courageous Life



LOL. Yup.


Isn't it great that after all the snow and ice, we can see green..!
Nature's magic!

Tara Bradford

Yes, I think there is something to the dreams, the changing of seasons, the sense of possibility and magic. Love to you, magical wonder woman. xoxox


What an amazing dream. The earthquakes and the large moon have reminded me of the changes taking place in our world and that there is something beyond us that we need to pay attention to, such as your dream. The magic may be in just noticing.


we desperately need to turn our faces to the sun. hello winter, did you hear me???


Oh thank you thank you for sharing your beautiful dream! There's no better magic, nothing more powerful than earth magic.


I love those especially vivid dreams, ones where, on some level, we know we are dreaming, and have a choice to either resist or go with it. That feeling of release when we choose to go with it is like nothing else.

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