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March 22, 2011



I love it! You left me wanting to read more! I was all caught up in the story and then you stopped... Very good Gillian! Very good! I had the story playing out in my minds eye as I read it... All such great signs of good writing! Well done xo

Sherry Smyth

Poetry. Sheer poetry. And as Lori said, of course I'm salivating for more.

Writing our stories is important. For if we do not, who will pass on to our children and their children who we were. I'm doing a family history and I have so many questions I want to ask...but there is no one left who has those answers and it breaks my heart just that little bit. So I am writing my story for my children that they can pass it on to their children -- rich with the lore that made us all who we are.

As for Cate being the one chosen to not get the chocolate..how often does that kind of thing still happen...too often a teacher chooses a child they believe is the one who can "handle" it. Wrong. Children are not meant to "handle" anything. If there was a short shipment -- wait until all the bars are there and THEN give them out -- but hey 1976 -- we weren't as "enlightened"!! ;)

Love your words...you weave them well! xo


Poor Mrs. Winslowe, I bet she didn't do that again..


Tara Bradford

Love this - love, revenge, tragedy (sans chocolate) all in one day! Well done, you! And yes, children aren't meant to "handle" adult things. The teacher didn't handle the situation correctly. xoxox


I'm so intrigued!! You have a wonderful way with words, my friend. Please tell us more!


Unfortunately you are right, the teacher didn't handle it correctly. I firmly believe some adults put far too much pressure on children to "grow up". I was treated that way and resent it now when my children are treated that way. I have ten and six year old girls who are both still very much children. The ten year old looks much older, and is often times treatly unfairly as such-as though she is expected to "know better". As far as I'm concerned, unless they are out in the world working and supporting themselves, they are still (and should be allowed to remain until such a time)children.


Aw thanks Lori xo See you Sunday at the beach!


My sentiments exactly Sherry!


You know it! xo


Lisa you dahlin, thanks for your words of encouragement. I'd love to share more, but since my story is more on the autobiographical side than the semi side...I may wait until I'm feeling much braver to tell more of the story. :)

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