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February 05, 2011


Sherry Smyth

Have I told you lately that you inspire me?? If not I'm remiss. You do! xo


I love this! I have an old frame that belonged to a huge mirror once... I've been dying to frame a cork board with it and do just that! We recently took all of our framed art - my own art, my husbands marathon posters, wedding photos, found art... and put it up on one wall in the office. It's like one big tribute to US and who we are... thats what I love about cork boards as well... I've got to get that done! As always... your words make me smile!


This reminds me of a project I want to start soon of wine corks all married together to make a corkboard. That will be the foundation of my vision board.


It is amazing how things shift once we open our eyes (and hearts and minds) to all the signs and gifts that are available to use when we get clear on where we want to go and what we want to do. Which reminds me I need to get back to work on my own vision board!

Tara Bradford

...which all goes along with that old expression, "once you make a decision, the universe conspires to help bring your dreams to fruition." Hmmm, no space for a vision board; perhaps I'll create a virtual one. :) xoxox


I gave you a blog award!

Account Deleted

great positive posting
{{ as usual, gillian! }}

i have had a vision board
for years
filled with maps
so on...

~~It Works~~

{{ however do you think
i got to Venice,
Barcelona, Rome and so on???
photos on my vision board }}

""If you see yourself there...""


i have one, I have one!! :))


First your flower photo is lovely. The flower looks almost like it is floating. I have used the vision board over the years for different purposes and it is always amazing the results. I actually posted a simple post last Monday on clipping pictures and words for different collages. Loved checking out the other blog.


This is a great idea, Gillian. There's a big grey corkboard tucked behind my bedroom dresser. I thought I'd wait to cover it over with canvas - to pretty-fy it before hanging it on the wall. This post is a good kick in the butt to do that this weekend. I'd love to see what YOUR vision board looks like. :)


i am with susanna this is a good kick starter for me. i usually pull those pictures and inspirations and then leave them folded inside a book never to be looked at again.

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