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January 02, 2011


Kari Desi

Was blog-hopping to find new-to-me blogs and found your beautiful blog. Looks like you are in for a FUN year in 2011, as our intentions become our reality. All the very best.


Hey, I like your idea of posting from wherever, especially with your new phone. You modern woman, you! And yes to having more fun in your life. It sounds like you are well on your way. :)


well, yes indeedy. FUN! some fun fun, silly fun, giggly fun. loose and happy and yes ma'am! i will be hanging here, i can see it now. :) (plus, i gotta be honest, this was the absolutely perfectest thing i could've read right now, being all filled with anxiousness and stuff about an upcoming thing that will be fun, but my stupid anxiety thing is kickin' on my chest & belly & well - this just really helped. take two of gillian and call me in the morning - that should be your motto.) xoxo


yay for the mobile post! i have never done it ;) there's still hope yet.

happy new year, Gillian!!! and i love you new word...never done that either ;)

Tara Bradford

Fun is always a good thing! And hooray for your mobile posts. Happy new year, dearest Gill! xoxox


FUN is the best word, Gillian! We have this one trip now, we may as well have the best fun we can have! Wishing you all the very best of health, happiness, peace & JOY in 2011! :o)


I do BELIEVE FUN will be a very good word for 2011. I wish you much FUN in 2011. May each day be a great adventure.

Pam Aries

So funny..I was just writing a post for my blog and realized I had not chosen my word for 2011. I saved my draft so I could think of one. Then started to go visiting ..and you were my first visit and voila ...you found your word! Fun...LOVe it girl. You rock that word "fun" all year long! You are a wealthy woman! Now,,gotta think of mine



Steve Kubien

Hmmm, word of the year... Ishkabibble! No? How about "spongy"? Not that it means anything in particular but it is a happy sounding word. Say it with me..."Spongy!" -sigh-

For me, 2011 is going to be about changes. Changes to how I approach my life. Hopefully a little healthier, a little more responsible for my emotions and actions. Good changes.

As for mobile blogging, what app are you using and on what phone? Mine is an iPhone (3G) and i haven't heard many good things about the different blogging apps. Any insight you can offer is appreciated.


Yippee for FUN ~
Great Mantra~
Happy you could pull off a post from your Mobile!
You go girl!

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