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January 08, 2011


Preeti Shenoy

You don't look forty at all! Age is surely a feeling, not a number :) Very glad you don't feel so!


Yes, Tara is a wonder, beautiful photos. Love Mary Oliver and the quotes you shared.


I am in love with my lemon shower gel and lotion, I so look forward to their invigorating smell in the morning! You are a breath of fresh air my lovely, I love coming here.


I love the Satsuma shower gel from Body Shop. It smells not just like orange...but orange italian soda! How does it smell fizzy you ask? I know not...but it is a fresh invigorating miracle! Love those :)

Most beautiful quotes and wonderful thoughts. I LOOOOVE random. Hugs and hot chocolate to you dear one. (Although I know your prefer tea!)


Oh Mary Oliver ~ she always makes me swoon.

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