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January 23, 2011



Giving up the red wine before your visit to Cuba?? Well, at least you haven't given up on mint leaves and white rum! ;)

Happyness...I LOVE it and I will intentionally misspell it that way from now on in your honor, amiga!!!

My son is always playing Wii (mostly hockey). I will have to get into other games, so when we meet I can challenge you...WINNER gets a mojito made with AMOR and HAPPYness!! xo


You make me excited about life when it's a little bit lacking from my end. That's what I love about you xo


Enjoyed the video! Have a great time in Cuba! Soak up the sunshine!


What fun singing and dancing around the house.
Yeah...you get to go to sunny days Cuba again.
Have the best time.Blowing kisses to all of you.


very cute video. cuba? wow!
it is VERY cold here,so I am staying in! I was made for sunnier days too.

Tara Bradford

So excited that you're going to Cuba! No doubt you'll have a great time and will come home with lovely photos and wonderful memories. Just read Cuba Diaries, fascinating account of life in Cuba from American woman who lived there for three years. xoxox

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