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January 06, 2011


Tara Bradford

So touching. Wonderful you have such treasured memories of your grandmothers (love the photo)! In Nepal, I met a very old Tibetan woman who was singing as she fashioned strands of wool. Kindness and strength - and suffering - just radiated from her. She was a survivor. And she reminded me very much of my late grandmother, who was a talented seamstress. My other grandmother was a librarian, who encouraged my love of reading. Grandmothers are so special, aren't they??!! Love to you, dearest Gill (p.s. You look about 12 in that profile photo in your sidebar. :) xoxox


What a sweet story. And you were so cute!

I remember having a dream about my Grandfather. We were hugging but I knew it was a dream. I said to him, "It feels so good to hug you and see you again. I love you so much and I'm so happy right now. Sadly, this is just a dream, and it's not real."

He answered, "Feelings are always real."

It was such a genius answer that I know it wasn't a dream. Only he would come up with something so perfect.



Just dabbing my eyes here with my hankie. I too miss my beautiful grandmothers. I, their only mousy grand daughter in a sea of handsome grandsons. Still, they made me feel like I was the prettiest child on the planet.

Hold onto your beloved grandmother's memories.


My mom's fave perfume was Oscar and it always makes me think of her too :)...the perfume and Trident mints!

Beautiful memories and dreams...

Your dreams painted a vivid tangible picture in my imagination. I smelled the 50's diner and heard the seagulls. Wonderful words. Thanks for sharing xo


I love those dreams, especially of your grandma and her cousin driving off in a convertible! I feel like those kinds of dreams come just when we need them, just like those people whom we loved were there for us when we needed them.

Hope you're having the most fabulous birthweek (one day is just not enough) ever!

xoxo Gigi


I love your dreaming. Grandma's can be very special people in our lives. I had a step-Grandma who loved me like I was her own. She tried to teach me to knit, still not good at it. We would watch her soap operas together. Sometimes when I am driving alot I picture her, my Grandpa, and my Mom sitting in the car with me. They are amazed at the new cars, but they are loving the ride. I hope you have had a spectacular week.

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