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December 30, 2010



I love coming here dear sweet soul. xo


I hope one day to meet you, that our travels somehow find us in the same spot. I want to know such a person as you. Sending you love dear girl to you and yours. Tessa's passing tore at my heart. Her legacy will continue for such a star like hers cannot be extinguished, it just lives on. Happy New Year Gillian!

Tara Bradford

What a legacy Tessa leaves behind. Thanks for sharing her story and Mathiri's work. And most of all, thank you for your big open heart and all you do for the world. I'm so lucky to have you in my life! Love you! Happy, happy, joy, joy for 2011 and meeting someplace exotic. xoxox


so many people doing so many big things...

it is my wish that 2011 bring you everything you want and need.


Account Deleted

how you reach out to the world
your Wide Open heart!


life IS beautiful
if only we look,
don't you think?

oh happy year 2 U!


I was so definitely touched by what Relyn wrote for her daughter, Sloane. I thought if all parents taught their children these truths the world would be a different place. Now I must go visiting your other link.

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