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December 28, 2010



Glad to know you like the bread machine. Ours works great, too!

As to early retirement...we did, and we haven't looked back...no magic age!!

Gillian daSilva

now that is music to my ears Sioux. xo
i'll follow your lead ;)

Santa brought the bread machine, so happy it actually works, and well too.


the future melancholies . . . these i know well, from a different perspective. in my 50s, with no possible retirement ever, there are days the overwhelming-ness just makes me want to stay in bed, pillow over my head. lol! i am looking for that tree you describe. that will be me you see wandering around with a bucket and a ladder. :)


yes well, the feasibility of my plan has yet to be hatched :)
but one can dream, yes??

i think talking about it makes us smile. kind of the same logic that makes one smile thinking about the one ticket that it takes to win the lottery. someone has to have that ticket.

why not us?

if i find a money tree Debi, i'll make sure to call you immediately. i believe in sharing.


Tara Bradford

Lovely writing, dearest Gill. So much going on at the moment; will catch up soon! xoxox

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