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December 08, 2010



I love interactions like that, they're magical.


green apple beer? is that like a cider??

Gillian daSilva

hey kathryn
me too :)

simon~indeed! it tasted a lot like cider. totally deliciously refreshing and appley.


I always like apples, anytime and anywhere. Great Christmas photo. Sad we won't be meeting and traveling together. Maybe another time.

Gillian daSilva

Oh yes, they are!

Gillian daSilva

Me too. An apple a day!
Don't be sad. The trip is merely postponed is all. It will still happen. Just not at that particular date!

Lady Prism

This is a lovely post! Thanks for reminding me about something!

You said: "I seem to be blessed lately with divine interactions. White rabbits crossing my path. A rusty screech owl pivoting his head to lock fiery eyes with me . Sweet dogs with big brown eyes that sleep in blue argyle sweaters in front of blazing fires because they are older and get cold quickly these days. I cannot help but notice the spirit of the holidays imbued abundantly in each sparkle, bite & glance."

It's been quite some time since I've noticed anything. Life has been too hectic.Really much too hectic that I seem to have lost the magic - that ability to see through the mist that reveals the pure essence of life. That magic that you have right now.

Thank goodness, the year has been redeemed starting a couple of months ago. I believe I'm beginning to slowly welcome back a bit of that "divine interaction" in my life - your post has definitely confirmed this so. In fact, I saw a lady bug today, and a violet butterfly fluttered jovially in front of me.... ✿◠‿◠


i would love one of those beers.. tonight. ; )

Gillian daSilva

and I would love to have one with you! xo

Gillian daSilva

it is only just coming back to me
sometimes it is missing
and i experience a profound separation from nature
but when it is back it is the best feeling ever. xoxo
p.s. would love to see a violet butterfly, you are so lucky!

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