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December 28, 2010



What a great list--ambitious and fun. Just what a list of resolutions should be. Haven't made my list yet. Drinking more water every day and eating less sugar will be on it, as will exercising every day.

I like your exotic travel plan. I need to tack that on to my list, too! xoxo


No more drunken karaoke? Really?? How about after just one mojito you sing "La Copacabana" with me on Miami Beach? Just once, Chica! Make that #12 on your list! ;)

Beautiful photo, my friend. My resolutions will go up in the next couple of days...and I too would like a different look to my blog, but who knows? I would like to brighten up the place a little.

Tara Bradford

Yeah, I keep waiting for our Jetsons-like transport, so we don't have to deal w/ mad airport security episodes. Nice list - I'm sure you'll find many positive developments in your new year. xoxox


Ok, you have to strike no more drunken Karaokes and get yourself to Miami Beach with Lulu who sounds like a fun person and me. Mojitos all the way! The year has been strange and challenging but also good in many ways. As close a decade (can you believe it?)I hope that we can embrace life in the mindset of possibilities. No matter what happens, we still have so much love around us. We can't chance the world dear girl but we can give it love.


I'll adopt your list, but instead of walking the dog, I will at least get out and walk and since I don't karaoke drunken or otherwise, I will resolve to listen to more music


No more drunken karaoke? I think you should resolve to do it MORE!

No resolutions for me, but I do love the turn of a new year and the "clean-slate" feeling it always brings. Happy New Year to you my dear!

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Well, up to new year resolution.I guess I have much to plan.Enough much more that I can't even list them.So short and brief,I will sum up and get all the scattered and half done things together in 2011.Will join my boxing club again and yes definitely will find the second girl in my life as the first and only one is going to leave me in early 2011.Ah,life pains but still it never stops so I shall be walking though.Anyone there?And and I am planning to re-continue my study.I hope all will be done.


Hello, Gillian! How glad to see you in my comments section today--and many thanks for the loveliest birthday greetings...bless you! We've lost track of each other somehow, I think... LOVE your list for the New Year! Number 11 could do for us all, I think...haha! I will be posting my list for 2011 next week, Live Slow--Live Well will be my motto. ;o) So nice to catch up with you here. May 2011 bring you all much PEACE, LOVE & JOY!!

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