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November 15, 2010



Hmmm, you're new-found if temporary laisez-faire attitude to the home is a constant for me. Hey, maybe that's we don't have people over? Enjoy your December!

Marilyn Miller

Shelves dusted, rarely. Floors swept, as little as possible. Play in my office, often. Thanks for the encouragement.


you are right...its temporary
i'm simply reprioritizing and not sweating the small stuff

hey if i waited for my house to be clean i'd never see anyone!!! lol

Gillian daSilva

Atta girl :)
I just returned from Christmas shopping, I love beating the crowds! Monday night and you could have shot a cannon through the stores and not hit anyone, and no lines!!! So happy to be more than half done :)
And I'm finding everyone the Most Perfect gift too!
OH! its bliss

Account Deleted

i WAS going to wash the windows
i am NOT


thanks ever~so, gillian--
and your mom--
for the gift of Free Time.

we should all
do nothing more often!



Cheers to perfect imperfection!


i wuz ahead of my time . . . always imperfect. Love this! xoxo

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