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November 08, 2010



owls are gifts from god. to see one is a gift especially for you. what an amazing morning - it should have been in bed, shouldn't it? caught out late, in the daytime, ignoring the crows. i wish i'd been there.


I love owls with a passion. Have you seen this photographer's work?: http://www.andrewzuckerman.com/site.html#?dr=0

Those cupcakes has my head swirling.

Gillian daSilva

thanks Debi, i agree :) it should have been in bed, indeed.
i see a lot of divine animals roaming about my house in the early morning.
one day last fall i saw a red fox two feet in front of me, he looked at me for awhile then walked up the road to the forest...the same one that I believe is ENCHANTED and houses my great horned owl! xoxo

Gillian daSilva

oh I loved BIRD
and MILK
Thanks Yoli! I love owls too. They are sacred sacred. xo

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