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November 20, 2010


Kate Robertson

Cats sure are the best. I used to have bathroom designed around Chart Noir. Walls were that shade of yellow and we had towels and rugs the shade of red in the poster. It was fun. Sorry that you are missing your Jones. I have 3 cats. Lucky Eowen and Boromir and they are all girls. I miss my ol cat Moonbeam who dies several years ago. He ws a Russian Blue and quite the character. Cats do sink into your soul and leave a mark that stays long after they are gone.


Marilyn Miller

We do get attached to our pets and definitely miss them when they are gone. Sorry about Jones. I have that same picture hanging in my office. I bought 6 large postcards in Paris and framed them, they hang above the door.


I'm a cat girl all the way! I have two black & white babies who very much rule the roost around here. One of them, Dill, is my familiar. He follows me around the house whenever I'm home. In fact, he is curled up asleep on my feet right now. The other, Scout, is crazy. She's a gigantic cat--23 pounds--who kills mice with ferocity and glee. She's sitting in my grandmother's green velvet chair near me as I type, looking at me with her wild eyes. Sometimes I think she's trying to decide if I'm merely a very large mouse. If I get smaller or she gets bigger, I know I'm in trouble! :D

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