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October 05, 2010



I do have some amazing dreams at times, as we both know!
Remember the train dream we both had on the same night?
The subconscious mind is amazing!
See you in my dreams...


I have some strange and wonderful dreams...yours is a magical journey and story.

I just returned from my Ghost Ranch retreat and am still dreaming floaty, clear and simply...here.


Gillian daSilva

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Oh my gosh yes! I do
remember that J
Yes, see you soon
xoxo! J



hmm... i must say, i do have some lovely dreams.

i adore this photo, my friend.

soeurs du jour

i remember that old blog!! we really do morph here in blogland. my dreams are never exotic!!


Occasionally, yes, I do have dreams similar. Your dream was amazing in that you remembered so much of it.


I don't dream much (that I remember) Gillian. Perhaps that is a good thing. Your post today has given me an idea about revisiting my old blog. I'm thinking that while I'm on hiatus nursing my DH through his illness, I will find some of my favorites from several years ago and share them on my current blog. Thanks for the idea.

Gillian daSilva

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You are welcome! I
will do this from time to time, it is so nice to remember our past path isn’t
Sorry to hear about
DH, will pop by your blog.xo




it might sound ironic, but i don't dream much. i hit the bed and forget the world. or just don't sleep at all. some nights, though i do have dreams, vivid stories created by my subconscious that i then narrate to Dee and she finds their meaning for me :)

as much as i could understand your dream, it is quite similar to a favorite one of mine. to summarize, it is letting go of the things that hold you back, climbing up with the help of a spiritual guide and then realizing what you have achieved which obviously no words can explain. it is the journey that a soul must take for its eventual redemption. in my dream, i'm still climbing and my guide is exhorting me to climb, perhaps i haven't yet reached the state you have blue :)

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