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October 24, 2010



All we really have is "this moment"
I tend to live in the future, which of course is formed by "this moment" Just have to remember that more often.

Little big things!

I'm thinking of nanowrimo too. Big commitment but exciting.

Tara Bradford

I think you're already creating and manifesting big things. But I also believe you have many adventures waiting on the horizon, including Jordan in March! Am pleased you're writing a novel, as you have a gift for writing, communicating and expressing yourself. xoxox


Hello Gillian,
What a great post! I do believe you are speaking to all who will read it too!
Looking forward to reading your book, very much. You are a talented writer who leaves the world a better place each day.
Don't you think it is important to have a goal(s)? And when you give yourself a mission like NaNoWriMo it allows a format to work around, which is imperative. Also, you will have others standing by your side!

I believe everyone carries their own packet ~ Some packets are heavier than others. This is the human link that we can feel in others, I think.
About leaving a mark.......All we have is today. The people in front of us. We can do our best to make our world better if we choose to be mindful.


soeurs du jour

gillian, this is a wonderful and revealing post. it touched me this morning and i have no doubt you will touch me again as you continue to write. i need a dose of inspiration today and you have provided just that. thank you. margie

Christine Mason Miller

You. You. YOU. THIS is magnificent. I am printing it out and taping it in my journal. I need to sit face to face with you SOON.

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