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October 12, 2010


D Smith Kaich Jones

authentic authentic authentic authentic. you have this. always. always. sweeter dreams, the light that being understood brings, less stress for the man i love. the simplicity of beautiful things. i love these all - and all the others.

i am SO glad you joined in on this. and i love your expression in that last image. :)


Tara Bradford

Love the pics of you - and the intentions. Wishing you all those good things and more. xoxox

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

"the light that being understood brings". yes! it is such a warm and welcoming light.

you are such a beautiful soul, dear gillian. and surely is there was a prize for most artful signs, you'd have won.

thank you for playing along!!

xo, graciel


Isn't it interesting that we think others have their "sh.." together, but we are all struggling for the same things. Beautifully said and pictured.

D Smith Kaich Jones

facebook is getting to me. i want to like what others are saying and there's no like button. :)


Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful~ And all is said. ;)

Gillian daSilva

Debi, thank you xoxo
Tara, xoxo wishing you the same!
Graciel, thanks for inviting me to play ;) xoxo
Marilyn, no one on this side of the fence has their shit together, at least not in my house :) xoxo
Debi, yes! LOL
M, what is beautiful is all the work you do each day to help the impoverished of Swazi, you are an inspiration xoxo


Wishing only beautiful things for you dear Gillian! Three cheers for Soul Searching too!


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