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September 06, 2010


doorways traveler

you are awesome. xx


I love the Weepies and I love you.


I am so with you on the socks thing. My feet do protest and I resist as long as possible. No socks on my feet today.

Gillian daSilva

et tu, gorgeous! xo

Gillian daSilva

I love the Weepies, and I love you aussi. xo

Gillian daSilva

Sans sockies? Me too. I'm putting them on to warm my feet before bed though. Nothing worse than cold feet in the bed. Ew.


hear hear on the socks thing. my sister just knit me a gorgeous pair of non (yoga) socks. no heals and no toes.


:-) adore you!


But in the end the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself. Love this quote by the Weepies, Gillian. Thank you!!! Only thing I could add is to also be grateful to all those who taught you to walk!! Adore that your Oliva is staring her photographic journey now! How exciting. I always think how it must be mind blowing to see YOUR very own child being creative. WEll, your little pumpkin has an excellent teacher of a mom! I once asked my mom how it felt when she saw me making things. She thought it was cool, but my parents never made a big fuss over anything, they just knew it was what I did and expected me to be me. It's funny but I'm glad.

It's S T I L L so darn H O T here, but I did get on my bike for quick spin and exercised with my mom.

Still barefoot in Texas~


Oh, the socks! I HATE socks. I wait until the last possible moment in fall to put them on, and I take them off again at the first sign of snow melting. I would be sockless always, if I could!!!!

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