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September 18, 2010


Gillian daSilva

*shooting film
*shooting digital
*editing photos
*watching a small film
*eating Middle Eastern food for dinner tonight
*snuggling my kids xo


could so relate to it, coz going thru a similar phase, not sure at all about various things though, but still, to stretch and dream is so wonderful, and the surge to reach out is so amazing! n ur blog seems to almost reach out all the way here and urge me on further! :)

Gillian daSilva

great, I'm glad to hear that! thanks for the visit onlooker!


Yoga, birthday gift shopping and spending time with loved ones :)


My kids were whisked away by grandparents and so we perused a book store...ate Thai food...snuck into Pier One 10mins before it closed and fell in love with at least 25 things...grabbed a pumpkin spice latte to share and drove the shoreline of the beach looking at all the summer homes...

The stuff dreams are made of really. :)


haha, eating neither one of those. although all of my children, aged 20 and up would eat a pogo in a second.

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