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September 04, 2010



Safe journey, indeed! Good nurturing was rewarded by her final wave good-bye to you. Great final shot of your wee friend! I am quite impressed you captured this!

Lisa Swifka

What a sweet moment. I believe she had many things to say that she could not communicate to you...like thank you for all the loving care and attention and the delicious milkweed. Perhaps that was goodbye AND thank you!
I am so glad you were able to capture even a moment.


Such an amazing experience to expose your girls to! Beautiful and rich with learning and meaning throughout every evolution. Thanks for sharing with us!

Account Deleted

I know how it feels. Mine was a moth but when I let her go the first time it felt the way it did when my only child left for college.


spectacular capture! What a special experience for you and family.


Thank you for sharing this journey ~ so beautiful!!

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