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September 03, 2010



She certainly is a beauty!!


Thanks for sharing this miracle with us. It must have been amazing to see. Remarkable. The story is just beginning. Fly little butterfly. Across the miles. Away you go~ safe journey xo

Lisa Swifka

Thst is absolutely amazing! The transformation through the photos you've shared have been fantastic...we've witnessed a true miracle of nature. I hope you will take photos of her release in to the world. Too bad there wasn't a way to track her flight pattern and time to her final destination!
Fly free little Frida!

Gillian daSilva

hi Lisa :)
There is, with wing tags. We didn't do that this year. Next year my girlfriend and I are going to track their migration with the tags.
So looking forward to that already.

You can also mark the wings with felt tip pen; but I lack the confidence to do that so I'll just leave her. Next year, we'll advance in our lepidoptery. :)

Account Deleted

She's beautiful! I love the lesson in this Gillian. Makes me think about following my own instinctual compass. Thank you for sharing Frida's journey from Chrysalis to Butterfly. I just love your blog!


Leonie Wise



Welcome Frida!


Having good thoughts for Frida! And You too!


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