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September 07, 2010



Hi Gillian,

I could not agree more that our dream time helps us work things out. My dreams also used to let me know and continually reinforced the necessity for retiring. My job interfered with restful sleep all the time; in fact for way too long. Now, with retirement, I sleep less and much better. Clearly, stress in one's daily life and disrupted sleep go hand in hand.


In a dream last week, I found myself talking to a woman who was, to be honest, making me crazy. Scared, uptight, tense. I kept trying to ignore her and kept telling her to lighten up, and went about my dream business. The next day, I realized I was her, that I was both of us.

I want to move through your dream tree. That image fills my soul with smiles. Love much!!


My dreams often give me insight, direction or focus on some area that need attention. I never thought about the presence of trees and their meaning. Something to ponder.


What a special dream. Sometimes I dream alot and other times I don't remember any dreams. I have been dreaming alot of weird dreams lately, I think it indicates unrest in my soul or is it the weird book I was reading before I went to sleep? Not sure.


Great thoughts and post Gillian!
When I was little I wished there was a way to show a movie of a persons dreams on a tv or a movie screen.

Like you, I believe dreams are extremely symbolic. Each night we sleep and when we are unconscious we have no idea if we are dead or alive. This is important. Sleep and dreams offer us hope for life eternal. Pondering them is part of most of my mornings. I think they are a gift and if we choose to accept and listen we can learn many things. Trees are holy too. I became especially aware after my father died.

Recently I had a great dream. A few weeks later I painted it, then I photoshoped it. THAT blew my mind. It was so real. It was so great.

Last night I dreamed of 3 woman from Morocco who had dark faces and were dressed in colorful turbans. It was part of a larger dream that I liked very much.

HUGs to YOU1

Gillian daSilva

Thanks all for commenting. I should have known I wasn't alone here.
Three is a wonderful number Constance, those three turbaned ladies in Morocco were likely your guides. We all have them. Some call them guardians. You are blessed to have met them in dreamstate, you must have really needed them. They usually show up when we are in turmoil.
Lucky you to have tapped in to your divinity like that.
For me, the willow is one that I can't pass by without touching the branches...I get little electrical impulses from them. It is the most wonderful connection I have to nature. I nurture it! :D Get it? Nature vs. Nurture....ha ha!!!

Love to all. Keep dreaming. xoxo


You are so busted with the cigars and the shisha! But I digress...I always watch myself in my dreams like I am watching a movie, they are never first-person...I wonder what that means? Trees and plants are alive, we forget that sometimes, they have lives just like we do, I think that's why they speak (to some of us).


I love these windy, trying to escape balloons that start off the video. They make me smile.

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