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August 06, 2010


Tara Bradford

Ooh, love Earth, Wind and Fire! Stephen Hawking wouldn't be on my list; he's now saying we all need to move to outer space. On my list: the late King Hussein of Jordan; the Dalai Lama; Jimmy Carter; Marie Curie; Gloria Steinem; Goya and Nelson Mandela. Enjoy your weekend! xoxox


The late princess Diana
Malcolm X
James Beard
Carlos Santana
Just to name a few.


If we can change the rules just a bit and have my husband do the cooking. Well then:

Elvis - I want to sing gospel songs with him.
Sherman Alexie - Have you ever read his books?
MLK - To say, "Thanks."
Abraham Lincoln
Corrie ten Boom


I'm not much of a cook but I would like to have dinner served to me and:

Charles Dickens
Charles Darwin
Catherine the Great
The Bronte Sisters
Marco Polo


I'm going to also say Marco Polo and Queen Victoria. Abraham Lincoln might be a good guest but I bet his wife Mary would be even more interesting.


I think I would want 5 different people to prepare a meal for me. Oh, is that selfish? Hummm? Maybe Julia Child, Cleopatra, Tasha Tudor, yes the Dalai Lama, and Katharine Hepburn.


I think I'd opt for dinner with my mother and 4 generations of maternal grandmothers.

Deborah Carr

I would definitely choose Terry Tempest Williams and Kathleen Dean Moore, to have a lively conversation on ecology and creativity. And perhaps Stephen Nachmanovitch because I like the way he thinks (and it would be good to have a male perspective).
Then, I'd have another evening with Barak and Michelle Obama, so I could tell them how much I wish they were Canadian.

Deborah Carr

'Cuze me...Barack.


oh wow. seriously, I think I would choose five bloggers i'm dying to meet: YOU, Christina of soulaperture, se'lah of necessary room, robin of robintweets, susanna gordon of susanna's sketchbook, kelly letky of Mrs. Mediocrity, deb of emma tree, susanna conway of unravelling. OH FINE .. .make it a big party and we'll just invite everyone, you and margie can help me cook! or we'll get it catered or make it a potluck!

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