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August 05, 2010


Tara Bradford

I am a mango fan, for snacks, especially when paired with chips w/ cayenne pepper - or just cayenne pepper! Lovely apple blossoms. xoxox


My turophily is decidedly French. So I buy imported chevre and brie, maybe a Camembert. It's the one departure from my paleo track that I have no plans even trying to discipline.

I'll set out a wedge of brie in the morning. By lunch, it's ready as an appetizer or for desert with a little fresh fruit.

~Sheila @ tempus fugit~

You were always a cheese-o-holic.
As are your daughters.
We love cheese too. Or anything cheese enhanced.
I adore Oka (you introduced me that one).
Last night's dinner was a chicken breast stuffed with apple, raisins and Brie. To die for!

Gillian daSilva

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My friends husband
one evening while we sat about drinking wine, made plenty of good nibbles…he
did slices of apple and brie in a toasted little sandwich….super delicious!
There was more but I
forget, lest the wine did flow…


Gillian daSilva

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I’m with you on the
French cheese thing.  Double cream Brie…with red pepper jelly is divine. 



Mango in anything really! I love mango too. My girlfriend popped over to bring me lunch one day and she had made a mango chicken salad to die for! I should get the recipe...


Dried dates and a hard cheese are a perfect snack combo - add in some sliced, pickled keilbasa and I'm a very happy camper!


You have been asking the best questions lately. Hmmm... I love a dessert called "Better than Sex". It's made of popcorn, cashews, and white chocolate. Yum.


Hmm, snacks, let's see...hummus! Also sugar snap peas, any kind of crisp apple, yogurt with fruit and granola. Chai tea with a lemon or ginger cookie. xo


Probably a bowl of popcorn or fresh strawberries or grapes.


Catching up here...so many beautiful photos and heartfelt stories.

Tara's mango made me think of a dish we had this trip...Mango, chili and basil Calimari, really delicious.

happy days to you!

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