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August 30, 2010



That post brought a tear to my eye.
And I've always loved that song by the Stones.


Time is not to be saved or captured...it's to be spent! That truly is a charming balcony :)


these two lines,

"Yellow doors are the happiest of doors to go through" and, "Go live while you are alive." summed up the post for me.

I come to you because you find meaning in little things in daily life, like yellow doors, or cats napping on the ledges...whenever i walk through a neighbourhood, i too wonder about the same things, who lives here, what are they like, do they have children, are they happy happy...thanks for wording my thoughts blue and that is why i come to you :)

sad to head about your friend. maybe if she read, 'Many lives, many masters' by Dr. Brian Weiss, she'll feel less lonely. though, nobody can fill the gap a true love leaves, at least in this lifetime.

*hugs* for you and your friend!


where is my comment :(


Your entries always give me goosebumps.


Thanks for the beautiful balcony and the reminder to live life to the fullest.


Beautiful balcony Gillian and I am so trying to live life to the fullest. Great post. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Gillian daSilva

Hi guys,
Comments are messed up, I am working on the settings but for now I am having to approve them for some reason xoxo


Great post. Makes one do some soul searching.

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