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August 02, 2010



You are blessed to walk after dinner with loved ones and to notice the beauty all around. Very blessed dear Blue.


One of these days I will get home early enough to take my sweet pup for a walk around my lovely neighborhood. My love to that man of yours.


Your ability to be fully present in these moments is so inspiring.


"Flowers planted neatly in rows are symptomatic of today's society . . " Applause, applause!

The guy next door cuts all of his azalea bushes into squares, flowers in the tiered beds are straight up flowers, no graceful draping over the edges, the lawn is edged, edged, edged. It just makes me crazy & sad. We like it a little wild on this side of the sidewalk.



Peach crisp, yummmm! That bag, just beautiful!

Tanya @ Life in 3D

I love imperfect perfection...nature :) I love your blog...lovely.

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