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August 27, 2010


Account Deleted

A play list that's right up my alley! Happy Weekend!

p.s. My favorite America songs are Sister Goldenhair and A Horse with No Name.

Gillian daSilva

Oh love those songs too! Enjoy your weekend xo


I will be listening to my bones :-) (a Moroccan expression that means I will be enjoying the silence)

susanna's sketchbook

Oh yeah! While my parents listened to Bing Crosby and The Glenn Miller Band, I remember many a' Canadian winter's morning, listening to Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac on the radio. My favourite Stevie Nicks song is Landslide - of course! - but her songs from the 80's will instantly timewarp me back to highschool.


Sadly, I'll most likely be listening to "Top 100 Toddler Hits" or something "Dora~ish" :) Oh well! Ages and stages right? Happy weekend friend ;o)


Ever since I moved back to Maine, classic rock is all I hear on the radio! It's like the place where time stood still, at least in terms of music, but you know what? I still love it!!!

Have a great weekend, G! xoxo


I think they have modern music, like everyone in Canada does...however, there is a deep appreciation for days gone by.

Even entire radio stations are dedicated to such a thing.

Thank God.

Because, Lady Gaga can only take you so far.


Steve Kubien

I've got an iPhone and it is my first iPod/mp3 player as well. I'm only just starting to load it and so far I've got some Chuck Berry, Judas Priest, Styx, Fat Boy Slim, The Who, Iron Maiden, and Ladysmith Black Mamboza (sp). Yup, a diverse mix. Thank goodness to because my regular radio station (The Fan 590) is going to crap with it's new on-air personalities.


Hippies rule!!!
I'm a very old one.
Super blog.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

with your stellar musical tastes and your guard of the butterfly queen, you continue to be a favorite of mine.

love to you!



this weekend, fourteen hours in the car, back and forth to london from ottawa, it is podcasts all the way. this american life with ira glass. our new favourite.

Tara Bradford

Fun play list. Really like that henna! xo


I get bored easily so I'm constantly finding new music, I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore because they play the same songs over and over! I never tire of classic Who though, Eminence Front is my favorite song of all time.

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