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August 20, 2010



You are already such a great you! The intent is 98% of the journey, so you are well on your way to achieving your wish.

Tara Bradford

What Donna said. And you are a real blessing in my life. xoxox


There are truly miracles and reflections of our journey surrounding us everywhere...if we're looking for them!

"it is my deepest wish to manifest the greatest me I can manifest, and there is a grand plan at work in my life right now for me to do just that"...well said & me too :) xo


It is a time of change, I feel it too.


You are entirely too kind beautiful Donna! BUT...there is always room for improvement. In my case so much. That is no pity party, I'm not down or feeling low about myself at all, quite the opposite! Just trying to grow at every opportunity. I've shed many a skin myself in my day. Had many lives already. xo


Et tu, Tara! You are key and have been key in my growth. I cherish you and your guidance and friendship. :) xo


Yay I'm meeting Jenn next Monday for lunch! Too bad you couldn't join us :(
The launch is in the morning then we will tackle Kensington or something I think afterwards. So happy to have you and your sister in my life, you are the inspiration twins xoxo


To quote the famous Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes" we are all "transmogrifying".

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