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August 04, 2010


Tara Bradford

On my list: travel, travel and more travel. Photographing beautiful people and places. Packing up the apartment in preparation for the big move. Visiting my family in the US. Reading more, even on the run (thanks to the Kindle holding many books at once). Taking better care of myself. Walk more. Listen more. Worry less about what other people think and more about what works for me. As President Obama said, appeal to our better angels. And yes, be fully present. xoxox


My beautiful friend, this is what I needed today. I do have a vision board but I need an intention board. It will look very similar to Tara's and yours except for the moving and marriage part. Of all things Cambodia is on my mind and I feel a need to be there.


Oh no ~ those boots are BADASS. I think we might have to be twinsies.

On my list ~ for real ~ set a date to see YOU!


Courage one of my passwords. Yeah! Love the boots too.
Great list. Pondering what will be on mine.


Can I put "go to Gillian and Julian's wedding" on my list? Is that too pretentious to assume you would invite me? I've already done so much this year but I do need to have INTENT to do more.


Yes, yes, yes to those boots.

I've been thinking I need to update my vision board. I did it last spring so it's gotten a bit dusty. ;)


It's always so inspiring to stop by here, why don't I do it more often? Well, for the past three months I've had little to no internet access, and that's had some useful repercussions. But I haven't made a vision board in forever, it's high time. My past month gave me so many tantalizing glimpses of a beautiful new life, the one I've been dreaming about for years, and I need to...what? Consolidate? Record? Simply give thanks for? I don't know. But this sounds like a good place to start. Thanks, Gillian.

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