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July 16, 2010



Ooh these are good things and you have some links here which I'm going to explore further in a moment. Next time you are in New York, try CRUMBS cupcakes. They are waaaay yummier! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gillian.

And Happy Birthday again to you, sweet Christina!

PS: Gillian, the nautical link isn't working...or at least it isn't for me...


Caramel marshmallows. I am not a huge fan of marshmallows, so I am intrigued by the sound of these.

Every once in a while, there is nothing like the taste of pure sugar. Like on a birthday.



Yummm! caramel marshmallows, and birthday surprises. Loved the list. I hope you are off to Paris soon.


all tings Jah,
yay yay!

one love, with hugs.


... i feel the love. all so beautiful. thank you gillian, my sweet friend.


I am trying very hard to uncomplicate my life and it feels at the moment that I've succeeded in exactly the opposite, but I am trying to sit back and watch what unfolds. I think of you every day, I wish you were closer, I need your kind of positive energy in my life.


I want popcorn in a box!!!!
Fab list, just like you ...

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