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July 12, 2010



Gardens are kept by optimists, by those who see into the future. They tend not just for themselves, but for others. I read Christina's lovely piece yesterday - I am on my way to read Vanessa's. Can't wait to keep up with yours!



Hello Lovely,
I will visit Christina and Vanessa.
My garden helped me though my fathers death.
Hugs Gillian, hope all's well

~Sheila @ tempus fugit~

A garden gives me hope for the future. I always plant with next season in mind. It is also a memorial with plants that remind me of loved ones that are no longer here. I can't wait to see what you do with your garden.

Tara Bradford

Something so basic about a garden - soothing, as well as inspiring. Am waiting for the day when I have a proper one, although potted gardens can be gorgeous. I know the garden you create will be magical!

Am so happy both Christina and Vanessa are dear friends. Neither can do wrong in my book, garden or no garden. And that applies to you as well, dearest Gill. Miss you! xoxox


Hi Gillian,
I just visited Vanessa's beautiful garden post today and was heartened to read of how the sunflowers are opening her heart to her loss. I must go check in with Christina.

Your garden party sounds like it will be magical...we are having a little garden party this coming weekend and Tess has made big tissue paper flowers to hang in the trees amongst the little white lights...should be enchanting.


pam aries

Gardens are wonderful..I miss having one. May you always have 'rich' soil for planting the seeds of friendship!


Garden party at the spa sounds delicious!


We had 15 people in our garden last Saturday evening for a party. We barbecued a turkey and everyone brought something to go along with the turkey. It was great fun and a perfect evening. I love lanterns with candle light hanging around the garden. I love having people visit in my garden. I can't wait to see your dreams come true in your garden. Lanterns would be so delightful.

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