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July 30, 2010


Tara Bradford

Ooh, a lemon-yellow tea set sounds just the ticket for sunshiney summer days! Hope you get it. Wish I could be there at teatime! xoxox

Tara Bradford

P.S. Pretty roses too. Remind me of my late grandmother's rose bushes. xoxox

Account Deleted


here is hoping
your yellow tea*set dream is waiting for you...


if not,

it means a BETTER
suited~for~you set
is waiting in your future...

{{ next time get somepinkroses !!
why don't cha ?? }},


I look forward to having some tea with you my friend!


I can't wait to see your lemon yellow vintage teaset. Beautiful pink roses. Oh I wish I could sit with you and have tea, maybe someday.


Sending happy thoughts that it was waiting for you~


I hope you are finding some peace and some (inner) quiet on this Sunday afternoon. xo

pam aries

Tea for two and two for tea...la la la ...Rich tea..hey you needto buy TEA roses for your garden!


I hope your tea set was waiting for you!

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