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July 19, 2010


Tara Bradford

Time is fleeting and life is all about powerful connections, n'est pas? What a special way to honour your friend's mom! Beautiful. I've spent a lot of time in Sevilla scribbling notes (in air-conditioned spaces, when the temps becomes unbearable) and it really helps to clarify thoughts, dreams, courses of action. Can't wait to hear about your new ideas! Love you! xoxox


Blue, this post was important for me. i felt as if u r writing what i've been wanting to write for such a long time. especially about the journal bit. i might invite u over to read a post about it, if i find myself brave enough to post it :)
lots of love and warm wishes to you, and your dear friend. *hugs*


Gillian what a lovely post. You've given me things to think about. I have some wonderful thoughts I found in the blogosphere that I just KNOW you will love too. pop over and have a read:) Happy Monday!

my castle in spain

This is how i would love to end...Happily scattered in the wind..But not yet !
Life sounds good in your joyful corner of the world..
Wishing you blissful hours of journaling, and a merry summer, dear Gillian...
Here's to white roses and...tequilas !
Besitos from Andalucia

~Sheila @ tempus fugit~

I remember your friend's classy and caring Mother well. I remember the last time we chatted together some years ago. I can think of no better way to celebrate her life than to do what you did.
Please give your friend my love, I am thinking of her,
and you..


a beautiful quote i came across today: life is the bridge between two eternities.
be not afraid.

Tanya @ Life in 3D

You are a truly lovely, whimsical and beautiful soul girl! I love the vibe going on every time I come here :) Thanks for being you..and encouraging others to embrace their uniqueness as well..much love xo


When we move into space away from the earth...
there is no morning,
no night,
no yesterday,
only one...it's now.


Very touching tribute to your friends classy mom. Time is irrelevant when you think of the whole wide picture. We will all be linked together in time.

pam aries

what a lovely post..richly intertwined with love, life,death and time...avery fitting tribute.


Scattered to the four winds...such a lovely idea, so poignant.

May all the goodness of the universe come your way!!



Wise and true and beautiful and magnificent.

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