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July 21, 2010


Kim Mailhot

This is a magnificent post ! Yes, yes, yes ! Some days it is harder than others to do this - and those are the days it is most worth while to dive into this precious moment and stay there !!!!
By the way, I thought I was the only person on the planet who worships TIGERTAIL ICECREAM !!!! I have such a hard time finding it here in the States and when I went to my sister's house in Quebec a while back, she had bought me a whole container which was one of the best gifts I ever got ! I shared it with her and her kiddos (didn't want to at all but hey...). What a treat !
Enjoy these sweet licorice swirled moments of orange, beautiful, beautiful girl !
Here's to

Tara Bradford

Well said, my wise friend. xoxox

~Sheila @ tempus fugit~

Regarding nostalgia, my dad (your grandfather) once said,
"There were no 'good old days'. Often times were quite bleak, it's only with time and perspective and the right attitude that we can look back and see the humour, and love that saw us through".
So remember the good, learn from the bad and enjoy each and every day!


What a great expression ~ I love it! You always give me a lovely little sparkle every time I come here. :)


What a very poignant post. I felt my heart rising and my soul saying "Yes, I am!" to all your questions. And strangely, I am knitting a second pair of socks in a row where the two in the pair don't match ... an oddness of wool bought at an outlet, but I've decided I like my mismatched (albeit subtly mismatched) socks.
You are a dear sweet gift in my life and I cherish you.


Great post, Gillian! You have me wanting to jump up and shout YES! Listen to my heart! Live Life to its fullest! Be generous with friends!

You and my husband are the only ones I know who make a beeline for the tiger tail icecream when it's available. Have you noticed how it's become a rare flavour these days? I remember it was the big flavour when I was a kid.

I'm glad I dropped by for a visit this afternoon. I'm getting back on my blogging horse after a summer of being laaazy.


Definitely well said. When we open our selves up we feel the joys as well as the sorrow more intensely. Now tell me what is tiger tail ice cream?

gilly bird

yes, here's to!!! love the tiger tail
since childhood and nothing can rival it

love ali too, such style and grace in the ring..made knock outs fun

gilly bird

yes, agreed
loved that man and still do, he was a wise one. xoxo

gilly bird

:) thanks lovely xo

gilly bird

takes one to know one, Sparklette xo

gilly bird

thanks Kath
I cherish you also and we should meet, yes?

gilly bird

welcome back Susanna
You always remind me of NYC and I must travel there soon to meet you. I want to see John Derian with you and have some drinks in Cafe Wha? too!


gilly bird

M tiger tail is licorice swirled with orange, so perfectly....so deliciously!

Open is the key to all things. Being open...yes.

Account Deleted

Gillian, you add beauty and wonder to my life! A thousand thank-yous just for today.


Tanya @ Life in 3D

These thoughts, these ponderings, these revelations have been running around the back of my spirit for awhile now...waiting patiently for ME to give them time, consideration..an invitation to come in. Life is...the NOW...it's the beauty, the tragedy, the simplicity, the complexities, the raspberry lemonade and the ice cream right now. I love love love this post. xo

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