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June 18, 2010


Tara Bradford

Lovely stencil! And Pondicherry looks like a good place to visit. Bon weekend! xoxox

Dharma in the Garden

Happy thoughts indeed! And I have been shopping this week on my day off and bought, um, well more than a dress but hey it made me happy! Managed to do a spend a little time in my garden this morning and that's made me happy too.


i will be finishing my gardening in pots. lavender on my terrace sounds like a good idea!


Hmmm. Shopping for a new dress. What an interesting idea. It has been a long time since I did that. Not many people wear dresses in FL, except to work of course. Even then, shorts are the word many times. It's so hot. When I lived in NC I wore dresses a lot. I remember................. :) xoxoxo


You make me smile and feel happy just be reading your list. Oh that artist door makes me happy. Your little ones antics made me smile. And that blue flower, I remember it well, also makes me smile.

Account Deleted

''''silver paint through stencils''''

has me swooning

with ~exotic imaginings~

is another happything
to me, missy.


oh happy day!

of of of of of of
this thought i will leave


1. fireflies
2. Ray Charles singing, no crooning Georgia
3. finding more episodes of Lie to Me on imbd.com
4. freshly painted nails
5. a big, yummy chocolate bar


Those ARE five happy thoughts. You have me wanting to stencil gold patterns on my green wall now... And I Iike Relyn's fireflies...a summer's evening magic show. My own five happy thoughts:

1.the scent of honeysuckle blossoms in a thick forest
2.golden sunlight in the late afternoon
3.peach and blackberry crumble baking in the oven
4.laughter with good friends
5.spending alone time with my mom


Love them all Susanna
So glad you are back from your blog break!

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