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June 23, 2010



I loved seeing this word, doula, attached to the garden and the lady's lifegiving hands. Magical.


Wonderful picture.
So sorry we did not connect.
Nova Scotia, worth visiting again:)


I love photos of hands, and this one is extraordinary!

~Sheila @ tempus fugit~

Gloves are not my thing either.
She obviously like to feel the earth in her hands.
Beautiful photo..

Kate Robertson

Beautiful picture and oh that feather is gorgeous. Reminds me of the Owl feathers I have been gifted with this year.


I have never heard of a garden doula. I also don't like wearing gloves in the garden, but I don't think I am as spiritual as this doula. I would love to hear more about her.


Gloves are for sissies!

She isn't so much spiritual as *spirited*. With her permission I'll write again and show a photo of her with our beloved Zohrab.

Although come to think of it she is Goddess and Religion of her very own Earth Church. This is the impression I was left with anyways :)

We should all be so like her.

Marilyn are you going to Jordan?

Eva Nicholas

My name is Eva Nicholas, founder of the Wabanaki Gardeners which is a community based garden group here in Wekoqmaq first nation and would love to talk to the Garden Doula. I too feel that gardening the original plants is very spiritual and one of my missions to do so. I am currently researching what she is already doing and think she can save us some time and energy.You think you can connect us?

Wabanaki Gardeners


Hey there, Gillian! What an experience you are having...It's fascinating to hear someone talk about something they are truly passionate about and how they are dipping into a natural & spiritual history that is so rich and often ignored. Have you taken more photos of her garden? I'm eager to read more of your posts (I've been away for a month) to find out what you are up to.

Gillian daSilva

Hello Eva
Thanks for your comment, and yes. I'll contact Jayme and put her in touch with you.


It is fascinating to think of the word doula attached to nature. I love it. And that feather.

Tanya @ Life in 3D

I love the capture and I love your thoughts :) xo


Have I told you lately how proud of you I am?


Awesome and thank you. :)

jayme margaret melrose

hello Eva,

I would love love love to connect with you. My email is: gardendoula (at) gmail (dot) com. Drop me a note and then lets talk on the phone. Exciting!

Gillian, thanks for your post. Everyone, thank you for your comments. It is amazing to see people's responses to the character I am. Wonderful. Encouraging. Deeply encouraging.

may forest be with us


I am pretty certain this is my favorite image of yours. Ever.


I was searching for images of pearly everlasting. found your pic of the feather and hands. Beautiful. I can relate to The Giveaway and mother earth. thank-you.

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