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June 14, 2010



I too love the Seasons...Each holding some sort of wonder...
Enjoy your trip it sounds interesting...They have some incredible art as well...


This sounds like a wonderful project! Will this work be published? Can't wait to see what you see.

Gillian daSilva

Hey D
Yes! Will let you know more later. :)

Gillian daSilva

Thanks Andrea, we hope to see a lot! So exciting. xo

Account Deleted

I remember the first time I posted photos of my sky on my first web site. My best friend in Manchester England sent me a picture of his sky in return. He was the only friend who didn't think I was nuts for asking to see "his sky." I love nature and I like your coined description of people like us: nature nerds. I'd buy the tee if you sold them! :)

I like your blog but this is the first time I've felt guilty for enjoying all this without commenting. Great job! Wonderful photos! Engaging writing. Sometimes people need to hear just how amazing they are.


Tara Bradford

Lovely clouds and am so envious of your trip to NS. I know you'll have an amazing experience and get some incredible photos to match the stories you'll collect. xoxox


Have fun in NS, Gillian! I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels and meeting with the Mi'kmaq. And don't you find that whenever you look at photos of clouds, they still look as though they are moving?


Thank you that is lovely to read. xo

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