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June 11, 2010



This was EXACTLY what I needed to read tonight, darling Gillian. Thank you, thank you. Sending love your way . . .

xoxo Gigi


Thanks for these words, they are definitely what I needed to hear. "Let Go" will be my mantra today.


A no-mojo-Gil is a sad thing indeed. So can you tell us, what spilled out of the envelope? Oh I know, it was a hundred chipmunks in tutu's. No wait, socks with the toes in and penguins all over them!

Glad you are better. Shine on.


Hee - she's sassy, is she not?

This is a beautiful post, and also spot on with where I've been, this past week in particular. Thank you for sharing your story. I am missing you like crazy.


This was such a lift, Gillian... I've been feeling the same! Thank you for the inspiration. :o) Happy Weekend... Oh, I'm celebrating my blogiversary this weekend with a little gift giveaway--stop by if you can. ((HUGS))


ahhhh, wise words Gillian...I think we all go through this, weather seems to effect me greatly. Sun shining, birds chattering...flowers swaying in the breeze...lifts my spirits.



your posts and images always calm me when I need calming and inspire me when I need a nudge

A Fanciful Twist

KINDRED!!! This is too wild. I let go too!

In a different way, but still!!

Many hugs you Gilly Love!

Gillian daSilva

Missing you Swirly!!!!


I sometimes think we lose the tempo... set ourselves at cross-purposes to the dance. Letting go is the way back in. Trust.

I know that pop mysticism persuades us that we ourselves are God, or have that potential. But what so often surprises and delights me about a brush with the divine is its sweet and potent otherness. The way it comes so out of left field, that I know it isn’t me... and I’m unspeakably comforted.

When the early church intuited the existence of a trinity, it was on to something. What if God, out of all reason, is an eternal relationship... forever dynamic, mutually deferential and inspiring, animated by love and therefore the source of love. Inviting us to come and join the dance...

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